Our Customers

Aylesbury High School

Find out more here - pdf download

Wigan MBC

Wigan MBC is an extensive user of Ambiflex systems, utilising the full range of controllers from the focus to the MF820.
The council have also pioneered the use of Ethernet devices to communicate with their Ambiflex building management systems using a virtual LAN on the authority’s intranet. Find out more here - pdf download

Oxfordshire County Council

Over 100 Ambiflex systems have now been installed in Oxfordshire County Council premises. The buildings are varied and range from schools to elderly people homes, museums and fire stations.

Mouchel Parkman are the managing agents for the Council and have a day-to-day involvement in the running of the properties using Ambiflex’s range of controllers and software systems.

Robinson’s Unicorn Brewery

Robinson’s Unicorn Brewery in Stockport uses an Ambiflex BEMS to control the temperature of the hot liquor tanks, an important part of the beer making process.
Two steam boilers are controlled and sequenced to match the load of the tanks and corresponding gas consumption is monitored. Wash down water is also monitored by the systems.

Ambiflex’s supervisory software Ambigraph is used to display information and alter parameters.

The Environment Agency (Midlands)

The Midlands Region of The Environment Agency uses Ambiflex BEMS in their various offices to control the HVAC plant and also monitor the utilities consumption. Their main requirements are an easy to use interface, good energy management strategies and flexibility to control new or existing plant. Ambicom supervisory software is used to interrogate the systems and allow data to be collected and viewed.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is using Ambiflex as the preferred BEMS system for their head office site in West Sussex. Initially installed as a simple control system, the BEMS has been added to /upgraded and now looks at all aspects of control and energy management. A continuous staff training programme on Ambiflex controllers and software has been carried out.

Fife Council

Using £185,000 from the Central Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF), Fife Council used Ambiflex on a project to install systems on 37 sites to control electric heating and achieved payback in 1.57 years. Find out more here - pdf download